52 Habits to Change My Life

My Healthiest Year Ever is Warming Up

Rebecca Scott


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Last month, I did paid coaching program which lead me to a major realization.

You can change your life with small habits. Those habits appear meaningless because they are simple and boring. But they will change your life.

You are your habits and patterns. You are the words you say and the actions you take both with and without realization. If you want to change your life, your starting line is all of your daily habits.

Your past and current habits have lead you to where you are today.

Two simple truths to remember about habits:

Good habits can always be improved.
There will always be a bad habit to overcome.

Both good and bad habits are not set in concrete and impossible to change. Hard and difficult to change — yes. But impossible not if you want to improve your life.

Your daily habits have a major impact on your health. Your body will fail you long before you want it to if you don’t do activities to take care of it daily. If you feed your mind negative junk food constantly, it will imprison you in a maximum level security prison of your own design.

We are all creatures of habit which is why we do things without realizing it. Those are the patterns we have trained ourselves that it is okay to do to the point we don’t realize we have done it. How many times have you ever arrived at work and wondered if that light was green or did I just run a red light?

52 Habits To Change My Life

No matter how small you start. Start something that matters. ~ Brendon Burchard

I follow several personal development podcasters/influencers. One that I follow closely is Brendon Burchard. Frequently on all of his platforms, from coaching to podcasting to social media, he gives a challenge of making this your healthiest year ever. Especially if you have never made the choice to do so.

I have officially made the promise to myself that this year of my life is going to be my healthiest year yet.



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