I am a lot of things and I bet you are too.

A tad bit of who I am...

I am a conservation enthusiast, who is constantly mesmerized by how everything in life connects together like a never ending lego set. I am mesmerized enough that I earned three university degrees in environmental management and conservation.

I am not a stereotypical environmentalist. I believe that we are resilient. We can fix the damage that we have done to the earth and use the natural resources we need at the same time.

I am constant learner because as soon as you stop learning you start dying. There is always another step to go. There will always be a next level that requires new skills to learn.

I am a doer. At any given time I have multiple projects on the go. If I don't have multiple projects on the go, things start to go wrong for me.

I love dogs and don't understand cats.

I would rather drink a beer or whiskey before the wine or martini.

I am an aunt, a sister, a daughter, a neice and a granddaughter.

I am an hiker, SUPer, kayaker, and snowshoer

I am a creator and doer of things that I know will benefit someone else.

I am a maple syrup producer for my family and close friends.

Above all I am a Maritimer through and through. Just trying to earn my Crazy Aunt Coffee Mug.

I believe that we are ALL ordinary boring people who have issues, are good at a lot of things, and amazing at a few unique things. Who simply need to be reminded occasionally of who they are.



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Rebecca Scott

I’m a Labrador lover, learning addict, keep it simple activist, and a Canadian East Coast girl just trying to earn my Crazy Aunt Mug.