Challenge You to Beat You

Stop trying to look better than them.

Rebecca Scott
2 min readJan 24, 2024

Why do we always set our standards and goals against those ahead of us, beside us, or next door to us?

Because we want to keep up to them. We don’t want to be seen failing or making mistakes from learning. Everyone wants to be successful. We want to be the one to set the standard for others.

Our only competition is the person in the mirror.

Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

The problem with setting our goals based on others is that we don’t see the what is hidden in their closets and junk drawers.

We don’t see the debt. We don’t see the relationship issues. We don’t see them thinking about a career change. We don’t see what they are struggling with. Besides maybe they’re thinking you’re the better one. Ever considered that they might be trying to keep up to you?

They might have a better paycheque than you and at the same time wish they could manage their money as well as you do.

Using others as an example of what you want to achieve is good. You can use their experiences as a guide for your journey. We all need mentors and guides towards our goals.

The advice from others can give you shortcuts to achieve your goals faster. They probably accomplished something similar but made mistakes that you can avoid if you are willing to listen and learn from them.

Everyone’s journey is going to be different because we are all different. Everyday we get the opportunity to take one more step towards our dream.

Who knows

what miracles

you can


when you


Even if you only have 10-minutes it’s one step closer to your dream than you were yesterday.

All actions compound. No matter how slow your progress is it will bring you closer to your dream.

Stop comparing your progress to your co-workers, boss, neighbour, friends, or that random person. Your competition is you. Work on your dream for you.

Challenge yourself to beat what you did yesterday.



Rebecca Scott

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