Dear 2022

Time is my friend.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Here we are another New Year. We are 5 days in now and back to the everyday routines.

Some of us are focused on New Years Resolutions. Not me.

I am focused on my goals for January and my goals for 2022. I am not seeking instant gratification but sustained creation of progress and momentum that will set me up for what is next for me in 2023. Already in the first week of January 2022, I am thinking about what I want to achieve in 2023.

A Year of Progress

2021 was a year of progress for me. Everything I did I was looking for how it could move me closer to where I need to be and where I want to go. Progress was learning to stay focused and not give up on projects when I they got difficult. Yes I had *a lot* of projects that I started and never finished. Some of them I never finished because it wasn’t right for me. Others because I lost interest. And a few because they got hard and I gave up.

What I earned in 2021 was a foundation and acknowledgement to myself that I can reach my goals. I can write twice a week if I stay focused. I have enough time. I can build new routines for myself.

The best thing I did for myself in 2021 was to start taking actions without needing to explain them to others. I got to work and worried less about others opinions of what I was doing. I was only worried about it I would be proud of it and if I could learn something from it.


Last year was my year of progress. 2022 is my year of momentum.

This is the first year where I have set monthly learning topics, goals, and outlined blog post series to work on. So I can have momentum and not be stuck with no ideas of what to do.

Each month has a learning goal. That means each for one hour a day, every month, I am going to learn about that topic. I do have other rules for my learning goals too. Rule one is the one-hour daily commitment. The second rule is I have to write on them once a week. The third rule is do as much as possible with the free resources I have access to. I am going to do my best to stick to the free resources on the internet (blogs and YouTube), podcasts, and resources I already own.

The biggest challenge for me with my 2022 plan is staying focused. It is daunting right now thinking about how much I want to do. I already want to give up. Giving up will not move me towards my goals and ideas that I want to see come to reality.

Focus is a habit from commitment. I will mess up but I will not give up.

2022 is a year of momentum for me to make major moves towards my bringing my dreams into reality.

In 2022 time will be my friend. I have a goal with a plan and momentum will get me there.