Habit 17# The Two Cliffs I Have To Jump Off.

52 Habits To Change My Life

Rebecca Scott
5 min readApr 12


Everyone has cliffs they have to face.

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Everyone has cliffs they have to face. They are the situations or recurring events in our lives where to get past it we have to do something we don’t want to do.

Many cliffs we have to face alone. Nervous. Unsure. Afraid of making the wrong move. Worried we don’t know enough. At some point we find the courage to step off and trust that we will figure it out on the way.

Some cliffs are easier faced with the help others. They can either be facing the same cliff as us or they are a guiding hand through it.

For many decisions there is no going back once you take action. A relationship will end. Words cannot be unsaid. You’ll leave a place you’ll never come back to yet enjoyed so much. People may get hurt from what you need to do. But you know that taking the action(s) your life will be better in the long term.

Other decisions you know that it’s to move you forward towards your destiny yet you’re afraid. You’re afraid of what may happen. You’re afraid of what others will think and say of you. You’re afraid that you don’t know enough and will fail. You’re afraid people will not support you.

We have three choices for every cliff:

  1. Jump. Take the risk and go for it.
  2. Turn away. Say no.
  3. Freeze.

The worst part is sometimes we think we have said no to a cliff, yet it keeps coming back like an annoying ad.

Cliffs don’t have to be a situation. for me my biggest cliffs are not situations like a big move. They are habits and traits within me I need to change so I can move into my next chapter.

Cliff #1: Commitment Rhythm

Commitment to myself and my focus.

The road to success is through commitment ~ Will Smith

A while ago I watched a training video by Brendon Burchard about building your personal brand as an influencer. One of the two biggest lessons I earned from that time was to establish a publishing rhythm.



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