Habit 18: What’s Your Underdog Story?

Rebecca Scott
3 min readMay 10

52 Habits to Change My Life

I recently started reading The Underdog Advantage by Dean Graziosi.

I had forgotten that I had the ebook edition of The Underdog Advantage. I got it a few years ago and never read it.

A few nights ago while searching for something else it came up in my browser. I started reading.

Talk about being hit in the head with a brick.

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The stories and lessons in the just the introduction and first chapter hit me.

I am an underdog who is refusing to admit it. I let the excuses in. I let myself dwell on my failed attempts. I let myself follow the paths of others instead of my path. I am letting myself be an invisible victim.

The question at the end of Chapter 1 is the first time a question in a personal development book stopped me. Most times I just keep reading on and never truly understanding the lessons I’ve just been taught.

Underdog Victim Story

“What’s a story in your life that has been an anchor for you?” (page 55 Underdog Advantage.)

What is the story you have been using to hold yourself back or to justify why you cannot do something or have the success you want? It can be a failure, it can be a devastating event, it can be a repeating pattern in your life.

You probably, like me, have many stories. What is one of them?

What would happen if you reframed that story from a failure story to a reason why you can succeed story?

My anchor victim story: Everytime I get close to something that I want to do I am pulled away from it. Other people’s plans. Life events. Everything gets so busy I can’t do what I want. Other people change it my plans so much it’s their plan now not mine.

So why do I bother trying? I actually did give up for a while on working towards any dream of mine. The result was I was a short-fuse time bomb ready to explode. I had no outlet for me to be me. By giving up on all of my dreams I lost control of my life and of myself.

So now I always find something I can be working on. I find 6-week projects that I can use as a motivator and outlet for me.

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