Habit # 21 What I Can Control.

52 Habits To Change My Life

Rebecca Scott


Ever notice the days where no matter what you do or try to do something goes wrong.

How the 1-minute misunderstanding sets the rest of the day or week off the smooth road to the roller coaster off-road adventure.

We all have those days and weeks. Issues that should only bother you for a few moments — like making your coffee wrong — sets you up for a day of disappointments.

Photo by Eastman Childs on Unsplash

I have made my coffee wrong in almost every way possible. I’ve put hot water in the reservoir instead of cold. I’ve put new grinds on top of used grinds. I’ve even forgotten to put the carafe or my travel mug underneath the drip.

That mess-up at 6 am is not the end of my day. It’s morning entertainment I can laugh at. But only if I allow myself to.

You have the power to choose how you respond to every situation. You can choose to laugh and try-again. You can choose to be compassionate about it. Then find a way to adjust, fix the issue, and move on. OR. You can beat yourself up. Blame others for your problems. Get into a negative mindset. Setting yourself up for a problem filled day.





Whether you it’s a problem as simple as coffee made wrong or significant as financial problems, your attitude matters. You can beat yourself up. Or you can calm yourself down and focus on finding the first step and the second step and every step to picking yourself up.

You are not always alone in your problems. Sometimes there is relationships, work team, family, friends and other people involved.

You need to commit to cooperating with who ever is involved. Even if you might have a huge amount of responsibility in fixing it. Listen to the ideas of others to fix it. It might work. Might not. But refusing to listen and communicate is not the answer.

Don’t go off at people trying to blame them for everything. You can calm down and commit to assisting in whatever way you can to fix it.

You may not be the one at fault in the car accident that caused you to miss an important…



Rebecca Scott

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