Habit #26: Be the Person You Need

52 Habits To Change My Life

Rebecca Scott


The person you need will not always be there.

And they are likely not coming.

Your boss isn’t going to give you the support or answers you need. The person you rely on for house-watching when you are away for long periods is away too.

You need a leader who can show you the best way forward. Yet no one is around.

You have two choices:

A. Give up, or

B. Become who you need.

Photo by Calvin Mano on Unsplash

No One is Coming

You may have seen it or heard it before, here I am reminding you that no one is coming to rescue you.

If you want change in your life you have to do something yourself. They are not coming. No one is.

You have to take the time to break what you want to do down into manageable pieces.

Before you say your problem is too big to do that. Every problem, project, goal, desire, destination is breakable. You can break it down into milestones that will make the destination easier to get to.

Contractors use blueprints of new buildings to figure out how to build them. They build the structure one element at a time. The same is true for whatever you want to do. Work on it one part at a time.

Maybe you’re working a big project and cannot get something to work. Can you break it down into smaller steps that you can solve yourself? Then ask a coworker they’re idea on how to solve a small piece of it, instead of staying stuck waiting for your manager?

Don’t just stand around waiting for help. Break the problem down and do something.

Help Might (Eventually) Show Up

No one is coming, but eventually someone might show up to help.

That sentence sounds contradicting but it is true.

If someone sees you trying and struggling to carry a load, they might offer help. If they see you genuinely trying and working as hard as possible at something they are more likely to help. Even if, all they can do is the small act of holding a door open for you.



Rebecca Scott

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