Habit #27: Throw Rocks Responsibly

52 Habits To Change My Life

Rebecca Scott


It’s time to purge and reset.

To be clear. I am not saying throw rocks at others or buildings or things.

I am saying to find the dead weight in your life that is slowing you down and drop it.

If you want to bring change into your life, you need to make room for it.

What does your life right now look like?

Does it look like this picture? Too much going on. Too many things to figure out. Too many ideas. No room to move either mentally or physically. So much going on you feel like you fight fires all day?

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Take an Inventory

Take an inventory of what you want in your life, need in your life, and what supports those things.

Cut everything out that dosen’t support you. It is brutal, but it will feel better. You don’t have to do cut it all at once but you just need to start somewhere.

Maybe you only need to rearrange and change how and when you do a few activities to improve your life.

If your morning is too crazy and stressful then what can you start doing the night before to help? Can you prep your coffee to brew? Can you make your lunch? Can you get in the habit of putting the items you need everyday in the same spot at night? How about putting your keys in the same spot every night instead of randomly dropping them.

If you have too many responsibilities what can you cut? Can you get help? Can you tell people that you have enough responsibilities right now and can’t take on more?

Do you have subscriptions that you either don’t use at all or don’t use enough to justify paying for it? Why not let them go? Letting them go will create less clutter and more financial freedom for you.

Do you have items in your life that need to go so you have room for what is next. Making physical room might be for what is next in your life or it is empty space that will make your life less stressful.

Talk it Out.

Just talking an issue or problem out with someone can help.



Rebecca Scott

I’m a Labrador lover, learning addict, keep it simple activist, and a Canadian East Coast girl just trying to earn my Crazy Aunt Mug.