Habit #3: Make the List

52 Habits to Change My Life

Rebecca Scott
6 min readJul 6, 2022


Make The List.

I’m not talking about making the team roster, making the top writer list, or any other list of that kind. I’m talking about the to-do lists of your life. From your daily to-do lists of activities and groceries to your ultimate dream list.

How often do you write out all of the projects you have on your mind right now? The ones you started and have yet to finish. The ones that you want to do. The ones you have promised to others.

How often do you write out your to be list and a not to do list. Simply to remind yourself on what who you want to be this day and week. Also who you want to become.

How often do you write down your dream? The ultimate goal for your life that you can’t stop thinking about?

As of two days I have starting doing this. Writing my goals out and reading them everyday is habit #3 of 52 to change my life.

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Creating to do lists doesn’t sound exciting or productive. It is not exciting. It is only productive if you actually use it.

Making to-do lists just for fun is a habit to tell yourself that your goals don’t matter. You always find something better to do than vacuuming or sorting the junk pile.

Actually working through the list helps to motivate and inspire yourself. You can set rewards for completing the entire list or even just part of it.

The Benefits of Writing and Reading Your Lists

Writing out big goals will help you to break them down into smaller steps. Those smaller steps will make the big goal less daunting and impossible.

You get to dream out loud when you write your goals down everyday. Dreaming Out Loud is a concept I heard from Mel Robbins last year on GrowthDay. All it is writing out your top 5 goals everyday. So you remember them and you take action towards one or all of them daily.

Lists can be used as a brain storming tool. You can use them to decide what your priorities are. Also to realize that you have been thinking about doing that project almost daily for the last 6-months and have yet to do anything.



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