Habit #31: Use Disappointment for Your Advantage

52 Habits To Change My Life

Rebecca Scott


I bought a laser engraver in July with high hopes and dreams and ideas. I had a grand plan of being able to earn extra cash this December. So I could start 2024 off with a greater bang.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Five months later I am still trying to figure it out. And also regretting buying the 5W model instead of a stronger one. Everything I thought I would be able to do with it is taking 10X longer than I thought. On top of that so far every time I try to cut a piece (coasters and ornaments) it hasn’t worked yet.

Am I disappointed? You bet I am.
Hugely disappointed.
Pissed at myself.
Annoyed that I keep failing.
Frustrated so much that I keep cycling myself through negative spirals.

But I am failing forward. I am learning the limits of the machine. I am learning what works and doesn’t work. What take WAY TOO LONG to do and how I can speed it up.

“Disappointment is a hot burning fuel.

Let it light your fire to become better.”

~ James Clear

Is there an alternative matterial I can use to create what I want to create? More than likely.

Can I make it easier by cutting (or buying) ornament and coaster blanks? Yes.

Can I plan better for the coming year so I am not chaseing the clock? Yes.

Can I keep trying, learning and adapting? Yes.

So can you with whatever it is that you want to do.

Don’t let the disappointment of failing again weigh you down. Find a way to use it to keep going. We only fail when we give up.

Here’s one hint to help yourself to not give up. Go back to the basics (You know the basics you probably skipped over).

Do the calibration tests on the equipment you are using. Like a material test array for the two main settings. This will eliminate or at least reduce the guessing involved in your work.



Rebecca Scott

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