Habit #8 Learn to Say Yes to Yourself

52 Habits to Change My Life

Rebecca Scott
4 min readAug 17, 2022


When is the last time you said yes to you?

Saying yes to yourself is probably the hardest thing for us people pleasers to do. We start to doubt ourselves even before we actually start what we want to do because we are afraid of what others will think. Or we are worried we will make the wrong choice.

The only wrong choice is choosing to hold in the exact spot you are in.

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What Does Saying Yes to Yourself Look Like to You?

Does saying yes mean you go to the yoga class no matter how awkward you feel?

Does saying yes mean you are going to be uncomfortable for a short time but proud of yourself in the long-run?

For me saying yes means I have a lot of work to do right now. It also means I have to learn to say no things that I know have been holding me back. Like my fear of failing, being judged, and being told “have fun with that” (one of my least favourite sentences).

Saying yes to mean looks like freedom is on the horizon. It’s like the perfect sunrise on a crisp calm morning of a day full of opportunity.

Is everything going to be easy. Not a chance. But I will gladly take on everything I need to learn for as long as I have a dream to bring into reality.

But What if You Don’t Know What to Say Yes To?

If you’re in the group of people who are stressing about what goals to pursue and what to say no to because there are so many opportunities for you, stop wasting time worrying.

Just through everything into the “blender” of your life and see what happens.

What is not of interest to you will not get a lot of your time. So learn to either say no to it or at least put less focus on it.

What is of some interest to you will occasionally show up. Learn to be okay with not working on it as often as you think you should.

What is of a strong interest and obsession for you will show up everywhere and take over. Go with it.



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