How a 9-Word Subject Line Changed My Life

Rebecca Scott
4 min readJan 10, 2022
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At the end of December 2020, I received an email from Jenna Kutcher. The subject line was “ What are you doing New Years Day?”

My instant response was cooking dinner for my mom for her birthday. But I wanted to know what Jenna was doing since she was asking.

Now, I can’t tell you the exact words she said in that email. I do know it was her invite to Brendon Burchard’s New Years Day 2021 live cast. In that live cast he announced GrowthDay.

I didn’t watch any of the live cast. Yet, I still signed up for the Pro membership for GrowthDay.

GrowthDay is Brendon Burchard’s personal development app and training program. It includes all of the tools for personal development you need. And access to training for pro members.

Why I Signed Up

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

I signed up for GrowthDay not out of a fear of missing out. But out of an acknowledgement to myself that I needed to step-up and find real mentorship and training.

I spent a large proportion of 2020 doing free or low cost entrepreneur type training. Those were genuine training done by people wanted to help people get started on their journeys. But not what I needed.

In all of those trainings, I skipped my way through like a skipping a rock on a lake. I never had enough skin in the game to take it seriously.

I learned a few things from them that are useful. But today I couldn’t tell you much at all of what I learned from the free training.

Somehow I knew by plugging that card number into the check out page for GrowthDay I would not regret it.

What I wasn’t expecting was how my life changed.

Who I Am This Day in January 2022

I do have a long ways to go to build the life I want to a have. I always will have a long ways to go.

As I learned from Mel Robbins on GrowthDay, you never reach your goal because there will always be the next level to get to. The journey towards your goal is your goal. What you…



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