Lessons I Learned From You

Rebecca Scott
5 min readMay 3, 2023

I lost you two weeks ago.

A full two weeks of seeing your blue eyes everytime I think of you. Those eyes telling me it will be okay. Those eyes telling me you’ll soon be free.

Now you are free. No longer trapped by Alzheimer's.

My bathroom was once yours. The last night you were with us, I could smell the small bottle of perfume you had left in there. That was you reminding me that you’ll always be with me. That I can do anything. Nothing is impossible if I want to do it.

You placed a triple rainbow where my younger sisters and your great grandsons could see it. Saying it’s okay. Dream big dreams. Nothing is impossible if you want it.

I know you’ll be with me. I know you’ll be here. I know you are no longer trapped in the body Alzheimer's took away from you.

You taught me a lot. More than I’ll ever know. Amongst everything There’s five lessons you also taught me everyday. A few of them, I finally clued into you teaching me in the past few days. After I did what will be the hardest thing for me to ever do, write and give your eulogy. I am the last person most of our family and friends thought would ever do it. I know you are proud.

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It is Okay

It may sound weird but it is true. You taught me it’s okay.

It’s okay to miss the turn and take the longer route. It’s okay to get lost. It’s okay to explore. It’s okay to mess up because that is where you learn the best. You were a teacher after all.

It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to stand up for what you want. It’s okay to start over again. Because the brightest days come after the storm.

Follow the Encouragement of Others

You went to university — the same university you were a secretary at — in your late 30s. You did it from the encouragement of another you worked with. I can’t remember if it was the dean of the faculty or someone else. But there was someone you worked closely with who convinced you to become a teacher.

You taught and encouraged years and years of high school students.

You taught and encouraged your children and grandchildren.



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