Those Hard Questions.

Can change your life

Rebecca Scott
5 min readJul 12, 2021


Over the last few months, I have been focusing on one word or a simple phrase to focus on for the month. These are words that remind me to keep going, stay focused, and never give myself permission to stop.

In May, it was: commit.

In June, it was: be bold.

Now in July, it is: ask hard questions.

I landed on this theme of asking hard questions from Anthony Truck’s coaching call on GrowthDay in June. He told the story of how his relationship with his wife fell apart and how they rebuilt it together. He explained that part of what got him to rebuild that relationship was to ask himself the hard questions he did not want to answer.

Lately, because I am so focused on asking myself hard questions, I hear it every day from different sources. Brendon Burchard has mentioned it in some of his recent Daily Fire audio motivations on GrowthDay. I’ve heard in podcasts I have listened to, including School of Greatness.

Asking yourself hard questions is the easy step. Finding the courage to answer them is the hard part.

My Top 3 Hard Questions.

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

Why are you still broke?

To be clear. I am earning enough every month to cover my expenses and some room to buy other things and save a small amount. But I am broke by my definition.

There are things I want to be able to do that currently I can’t because that money is not coming in at a level that would pay for it.

I am standing on a fragile glass ceiling. If I lost my income today, I would be in trouble within weeks. If I lost my parents, I would have instant problems.

The reason why I am broke is that I am nervous todo what is best for me. I am nervous that I will give too much weight to the negative opinions of others. So much that I will not even voice my big crazy idea out loud.

Building and maintaining multiple sources of income is hard and does not happen overnight. You have to build up the skills and knowledge to have them. One income at a time. I am working on that. I have started putting more money into investment accounts for future sunny day cash.



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