Time to rethink your labels….

Rebecca Scott
4 min readJan 21, 2021

You are what you call yourself.

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

Recently, I was trying to rewrite my bio again. I sat there staring at a blank screen not knowing what to say beyond that: “I’m an under-employed double masters graduate who has realized no one is coming to rescue me”.

So there I was staring at a blank screen. YouTube playing noise. My email open with the 3000 plus unread marketing emails (no I haven’t missed anything important), and a blank Google Docs page glaring back at me.

For some inspiration, I choose to start looking at the websites of people I follow on social media. Dean Graziosi, Jenna Kutcher, Steve Larsen, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brunson, Eddie Pinero.

What caught my attention was Jenna Kutcher’s bio in which she simply lists a seemingly random list of who she is both professionally and personally. That “random” list of some of her labels proves she’s just a normal human but with superpowers. Just like me, you and everyone else.

That is the bio I used as a template for my new bio:

I’m a conservation enthusiast, self-education addict, detail-oriented problem solver, keep it simple activist, and a realistic, funnel hacking, Canadian East Coast girl, a fidgeter with a thousand of ideas at anytime, a dog lover, and a forever in your corner sister just trying to earn my CrazyAunt mug.

After I wrote that. I taught myself something. I learned that since I finished my graduate degrees I have only focused on the what I don’t have labels and the negative labels. I have been stuck wishing I could keep up to the Jones’ (AKA what Facebook shows on my newsfeed).

What I was using as my labels: under-employed, single, a failure, struggling, fearful, not confident, not a risk-taker, worthless.

What I will never use for myself again: a failure, struggling, fearful, not confident, not a risk-taker, worthless.


I have a BSc in Environment and Natural Resources with a Major in Wildlife Management, a Masters of Environmental Management, and a MSc in Conservation and Land Management. Yes, I live with my parents. Yes, I am single. Yes, I am under-employed. Yes, I am an introvert. So What! That all means that I have opportunities. I…



Rebecca Scott

I’m a Labrador lover, learning addict, keep it simple activist, and a Canadian East Coast girl just trying to earn my Crazy Aunt Mug.