To My 3 Biggest Fears

Rebecca Scott
3 min readFeb 17, 2021

It’s time we moved on. Letter 3 of 3.

Photo by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash

Dear My Fear of Success,

I am writing to you today, to inform you that your anchor to the island of comfort is corroding. It needs to be replaced. Actually, it’s time to break the chain and leave.

There is an opportunity waiting for me to discover out there. I have to take the experience and knowledge I have learned from this island to a new place. The opportunity waiting for me will enable me to change lives in massively positive ways. It will allow me to change my life from being a follower of other peoples plans to the creator and leader of my path.

Yes, my plans will be stronger and my stable by including and respecting other peoples plans. I cannot allow myself to become arrogant or disrespectful of other people experiences and goals because they will make mine that much stronger. My point is, staying here on anchored to my island of comfort is no longer an option.

I fear I will not be capable of handling the changes that will come with success. I fear I will fail, causing disappointment to those who support me and the “I-told-you-so” from those who doubt me. I fear I will not be able to keep all the systems and strategies I will build working. I fear I will be overwhelmed and not have time for myself and those who matter the most.

But I do not want to be where I am — where I have been for the past five-years — again. I want to change, I want to move on. This anchor we have sunk into the concrete sand of our comfort is not helping but hindering.

I have learned that I don’t have to go cold turkey into everything. (Or maybe its actually “cold chicken”.) I can take time to learn and try. There is nothing wrong with slowly building a new path forward. A strong foundation is needed to build a house that can withstand the storms of every season.

You — Fear of Success — and I need to make changes. I have learned enough in the past year to know that I have everything I need to move. I may not know every single step. I may not know how to build and maintain an email list along with a social media following yet. But I do know I can’t learn how to do that unless I move.

No one is coming to rescue me. I have to move towards my rescue. Learning, trying…



Rebecca Scott

I’m a Labrador lover, learning addict, keep it simple activist, and a Canadian East Coast girl just trying to earn my Crazy Aunt Mug.