To My 3 Biggest Fears

Rebecca Scott
3 min readFeb 4, 2021

It’s time we moved on. Letter 1 of 3

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Dear My Fear of Failure,

How are you today? Me? I am great. I am busy thinking about what to say in this letter to you.

You see it’s been a great trip, but I it’s time we go our own ways. It has been an awesome journey for you and me together. We have missed out on lots of adventures by playing everything safe. Holding our cards for the next round because we are not ready yet.

What does it me to “be ready”? I have been fighting with that question for a while now. I think I have finally found the answer. The answer is not what you my friend Fear of Failure are going to like.

The fact is I will never be 100% ready for everything. Yes, most weekend trips to the cottage, I do remember everything I might and definitely will need. But that is from the experiences of forgetting something. And if I happen to forget my phone charger or socks, for the worn-out sneakers I mow the lawn with, I will survive. I have survived every other time I have forgotten something so far. In fact, I have survived everyone of my failures to date.

The bigger question is do I have everything I need to start building the life I want? Probably not, but I do have enough to start.

Do I have everything I need to start a blog? Do I have perfect grammar and sentence structure? No yet. Will I ever figure out how to not write in passive voice? Maybe eventually. But I never will if I don’t start. This could be my style. A writing style that might just be the right way to deliver a message to someone who needs it.

If I break up with you, I will have more than I need for any of my dreams and moving forwards to the life I want to have. By the way, I have already started a new relationship with Trust and Belief [in myself].

The two things I have to do to succeed is to show up every day and try.

Yes, I know I will fail. It is not a matter of if I will fail. It is a matter of when I will fail.

I have heard many times people say the timeless saying “practice makes perfection”. Practice means to learn. To learn means I have to make mistakes. Mistakes are failures. Therefore, I must fail in order to become good and eventually



Rebecca Scott

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