What I Learned About Leadership on GrowthDay in July

No Leadership = No Impact = No Change

Rebecca Scott
6 min readAug 11, 2021


I learned a lot on GrowthDay last month about leadership. Leadership is a skill that is constantly worked on because every new project, connection, and goal requires different leadership abilities and talents.

In his training on leadership, Brendon Burchard challenged us to make a list of what our 5 Leadership Principles and 5 Leadership Practices are. These are my 5 Leadership principles and practices that I am starting with.

Photo by Michael L on Unsplash

1. Learn to Lead Yourself.

~ Mentioned by all of the GrowthDay coaches.

You must be able to lead yourself first. Why? Because how you show up influences how you will treat others and how they will respond to the energy you are generating. If you are not organized and prepared, you will have a lot of problems.

Anthony Trucks — You are the common denominator of all your problems. You are either creating the problem or allowing it.

STOP blaming others for you being broke, for you not reaching your learning goals, and for your health problems. They are not forcing the Netflix habit on you. You are. They are not stopping you from writing that post. You are. They are not ______. You are.

Start taking pride in your spaces. Can you lead yourself to a healthy lifestyle, a clean home, and a clean workspace? Yes. You just have to do the work to get to it. Will you create those clean spaces and habits to keep them clean overnight. No. You need to commit to change. Pick one new habit you to build and work on it every single day.

If you are not willing to take role of leadership on your finances, time management, health and your relationship with everyone in your life you will have problems. Why? Because the common denominator in all of your problems is not them but you. If you are not willing to do the work? Why will they follow you?

Clean up your life. Be responsible for the emotions and energy you bring. Because those influence everyone around you. Lead yourself to better every day.



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