What I Learned On GrowthDay In 2021 from Mel Robbins

A lot, but that doesn’t help either of us.

Rebecca Scott


Mel Robbins is one of the 12 coaches on GrowthDay. She’s not necessarily my favourite but she’s one of the coaches I pay attention to the most. I honestly don’t have a “favourite”. That is the power of the diversity of coaches on GrowthDay. They are all great. And there is at least one that you’ll connect with.

The reason why I enjoy Mel’s coaching calls is she shows up genuinely with integrity. She’s not just showing up and telling a few stories about the months theme then leaving.

She is there for everyone who is ready to learn and grow. She shows up with notes and research (real science based research) to teach, inspire and help us all. She’s prepared and ready to teach. So you better be ready to learn in return. And for me with three university degrees, when a someone shows up like that and says they’ve done the research it speaks volumes.

She does not hold back. She will give you the honest truth. Mixed in with stories of events and life lessons that have happened to her. Because there are times when we all need someone to be willing to bluntly tell what we need to hear. Like confidence is a skill not a miracle.

Here are 5 things I learned from Mel Robbins on GrowthDay in 2021 that I will never let go and am using to set myself up for a huge 2022.

Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash

5. Confidence is a Skill Not a Miracle

Confidence is a skill we all need to continuously work on. It’s not a talent or gift that some of us have and others do not. That person who is “confident” on stage is probably terrified speaking to a small group of people.

Confidence is a skill we all have to work on. The first time you do anything you’ll more than likely fail. Accept that. Failure is an option. Failure is almost always a guarantee. That’s why we practice and continuously show-up.

What you do after you fail is your choice. Do you get back up and try again with more experience or do you walk away?

Confidence is gained through doing. Not holding yourself back. Work through your fears and doubts by just doing something.



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