What I learned on GrowthDay in April

Rebecca Scott
7 min readMay 1, 2021

Time to set my own scale.

April was advanced mindset and resilience month on GrowthDay.

Every coach gave their own frameworks and life lessons on mindset and resilience. Some GrowthDay coaches built on what was already discussed by other coaches. While others focused more on resilience than mindset.

Here are the over-arching lessons I learned on GrowthDay in April.

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Rejection is a good thing.

~ discussed by Jamie Kern-Lima, Dave Hollis, and Brendon Burchard.

Rejection being a good thing sounds backwards. Especially when you are experiencing it, and you never learned how to deal with it. But when you start digging into rejection, it is a good thing.

When I started my double master’s degrees, I was told that I would have a full-time job in my field within 6-months of finishing the program. I believed them. I knew others who had gone through the program, and they had jobs. I had no doubts that my masters program would open doors instantly up for me.

The first 200 job applications were easy. Each application was sent with hope and excitement that this was the one. This was the application that would start my adult life. I received 200 rejections.

The next 200 applications were a compounding struggle. Each one was sent with a dimming hope with increasing negative feelings of I am wasting my time, I am a failure, and I am worthless. I started wondering if I wasted my time doing those degrees. I started wondering if there was something obviously wrong with me that no one is willing to point out. I started thinking I had no chance at anything.

The last 200 job applications I did for others, not for me. I did them with no hope of receiving an interview request. In total, I had over 600 rejections. The current one hurt slightly more than the last because I never learned how to deal with rejection; until now.

I have a better understanding of how to handle rejection because of Jamie Kern-Lima. She did her coaching call for Advanced…

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