What I learned on GrowthDay in February.

Rebecca Scott
7 min readMar 2, 2021

It’s an inside choice.

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GrowthDay is a new community for personal development and growth. Created and hosted by Brendon Burchard. Every month has a different theme that the training is focused around. In February, the theme was confidence.

Every Tuesday and Thursday in February, a different GrowthDay coach was live to give their take on confidence. Each coach gave their own ways to build and maintain confidence and what confidence means to them. Most of the coaches reinforced what another coach said but from their own perspective.

I learned a lot this past month. So much that GrowthDay has definitely already paid for its self. There are 6 things about confidence that stand out to me now.

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Confidence Is A Skill, Not A Miracle.

— Mentioned in coaching calls by Mel Robbins, Johnathan Fields, Anthony Trucks, Jenna Kutcher, Dave Hollis, Alex Ortner, and Brendon Burchard.

Confidence is not an accessory you can put on when you really need it. It’s not a drink or a secret ingredient. There will be times where you really need it, and it won’t be there. Life enjoys throwing curve-balls and fast-balls at us the second we think we have it all figured out.

You will see the car running the red light too late. You will miss an important meeting. You will freeze in an ultra-important exam. You will forget what to say. You didn’t see the end of a relationship coming. You will not see the diagnosis coming. None of us saw a global pandemic coming. We all fall down.

In those moments, you will not magically be able to put on a confidence helmet to help yourself through it. All you can do is to show up and take everything one step at a time. You have to be confident in the competence of the capabilities you already have.

“The gifts that have brought you to where you have arrived are the gifts that will move you forward.” — Jenna Kutcher on GrowthDay.

Having confidence does not mean you will never have fears. Confidence means you face your fears and try…



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