When Christmas isn’t Very Merry

Rebecca Scott
3 min readDec 15, 2023

Christmas and New Year’s is an exciting time for almost everyone. It’s a time to reconnect with family and friends that we don’t see as often as we would like. It’s a time to get to know friends and co-workers better at parties and breaks with extra home-made goods to share.

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Between all of the excitement and joy, it’s hard to remember the Holidays are not the best time for everyone. Even with with parties, warm greeting, bright lights and cheer all around, there are people hurting.

Some are hurting while trying to blend into the crowd while others are showing there pain. Some are trying to avoid the pain with every distraction they can find. Some are struggling to process the declining health of loved-ones.

You don’t have to be okay, Just because it’s Christmas ~ Anne Wilson, Just Because It’s Christmas.

Maybe every Christmas is hard for you. Maybe it’s just this one.

For me the Holiday’s are hard. I try my best to blend in. I try my best to hide and not ruin anything for anyone else. December is more of a month of survival than joy and excitement.

Everyone has different levels of pain. For some people it is the regret that they couldn’t be there. This was supposed to be the year they took their gifts in person to family and friends yet are working or cannot afford the trip.

Others are seeing traditions that happened every year disappear. The desserts and special dishes have stopped. Family that used to come around is too busy or would rather see others. Change is hard but it’s often what opens the door to greater destinations if you want it to.

Christmas is hard for some because of the hard phone calls to parents and relatives who used to be the life of the party. Now they are slipping away into the shadows. Every phone call and video chat is a reminder that who they used to be is gone and you’re too far to be there to help.

Many people are lonely. They show up for others. Yet no one seems to remember them. They send the cards and gifts yet no one can really makes any effort to give a gesture of thankfulness to them. Just a few kind words can go along ways for them.



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