Leadership comes back to you.

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1. Leadership is about always being a student.

Leadership is not just about you guiding a group of people towards a destination.

It is about being a student (forever).

The more I do research on leadership the more the characteristic of being a student comes up. Leaders ask questions. …

Leadership is about respect.

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Being given the leader title — boss, supervisor, manager, CEO — does not instantly mean you are a great leader.

Leadership is a trait you develop from experience and learning. It is a skill that requires you to mess-up and to fail to learn. …

Time is my friend.

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Here we are another New Year. We are 5 days in now and back to the everyday routines.

Some of us are focused on New Years Resolutions. Not me.

I am focused on my goals for January and my goals for 2022. I am not seeking…

Rebecca Scott

I’m a conservation enthusiast, self-education addict, keep it simple activist, and a Canadian East Coast girl just trying to earn my CrazyAunt Mug

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