This month of I will be starting my next decade. My 20s were full of a lot of hard lessons. Some I learned fast; others took me a while. Overall, it’s fair to say my 20s did not go as I had thought they would.

When I was turning 20, I had no real goals for myself. I rarely thought beyond the next 24-hours or even the next hour. …

It’s an inside choice.

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GrowthDay is a new community for personal development and growth. Created and hosted by Brendon Burchard. Every month has a different theme that the training is focused around. In February, the theme was confidence.

Every Tuesday and Thursday in February, a different GrowthDay coach was live to give their take on confidence. Each coach gave their own ways to build and maintain confidence and what confidence means to them. Most of the coaches reinforced what another coach said but from their own perspective.

I learned a lot this past month. So much that GrowthDay has definitely…

At least you are learning with one of those

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For you to make a mistake you have to had tired. But don’t give up because of the mistake saying “at least I/you tired.”

That is giving up. That is the only true failure.

We all know we learn from both failure and success.

Success gives you motivation to keep going. It’s the sign you need to say you are on the right path.

Failure gives you frustration and a challenge. Do you give up or do you find out why you failed and keep going?

Learn to drop the weight that is holding you back.


Forgive those who know they hurt you.

Forgive those who do not know they hurt you.

Most importantly, forgive yourself.

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I am the middle of five children; we are all unique, stubborn, and intelligent individuals. We have had plenty of disagreements. The vast majority of them die as fast as they started.

Without the details, I have one sibling who, for years, I have been trying to forgive for actions and words that deeply hurt me. I don’t know if I ever will be able to. Every time I am near them, two things always happen. First, my steel-reinforced concrete…

Can change your life

Over the last few months, I have been focusing on one word or a simple phrase to focus on for the month. These are words that remind me to keep going, stay focused, and never give myself permission to stop.

In May, it was: commit.

In June, it was: be bold.

Now in July, it is: ask hard questions.

I landed on this theme of asking hard questions from Anthony Truck’s coaching call on GrowthDay in June. He told the story of how his relationship with his wife fell apart and how they rebuilt it together. …

Um. I’ll be back in a bit…. like in July.

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Let’s talk about relationships for an entire month.
Nope. I’m single. Don’t think I need anything help. I’ll be back in a while…. like in July.

On second thought I’m staying. Why?

Because when people say relationship we instantly think about couples. But we have more relationships in our lives than just with a significant other. There’s your relationship with you and your close family, friends, co-workers, and your money. The most important of them all is your relationship with yourself.

Relationships are not just how you treat other humans. …

You get what you work for.

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When I talk about my accomplishments, especially my university degrees, I don’t say I received it. I say I earned it. My degrees were not given to me out of pity or because I paid my tuition and did enough work to pass. I got them because I earned the right to have my name on that paper.

I first realized that I earn what I receive in the second year of my undergrad degree. In one of my classes that year, a professor told us: “I give you the marks you earn. Not the grade you or I think…

Time to stretch for me in my own way.

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May was Advance Wellness month on GrowthDay. Wellness is not just about exercising. It is about your mental, physical, relationship, financial and emotional health. Your health in all areas of your life is something you must take care of daily.

Here a few of the many ideas I learned on GrowthDay last month. These are concepts that I will and have started to apply to my daily life.

There’s a change in the winds on the horizon.

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Last week, after taking a break from free challenges, I allowed myself to do one more. I did Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins’ Own Your Future Challenge.

I have done many free challenges before. The difference this time was I actually made myself genuinely listen, watch, and write notes and quotes that I need to remember and will help me. I wasn’t going to go through the training never learning anything.

Every other time I have done a free challenge — I dabbled. I skimmed the surface did enough to say I was doing the challenge. But I never got…

Time to set my own scale.

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April was advanced mindset and resilience month on GrowthDay.

Every coach gave their own frameworks and life lessons on mindset and resilience. Some GrowthDay coaches built on what was already discussed by other coaches. While others focused more on resilience than mindset.

Here are the over-arching lessons I learned on GrowthDay in April.

Rebecca Scott

I’m a conservation enthusiast, self-education addict, keep it simple activist, and a Canadian East Coast girl just trying to earn my CrazyAunt Mug

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