Give a gift that creates joy here and afar this year

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Buy a gift and give back at the same time.

These six brands walk their talk. When you purchase from them they do what they say they will. They are after making a difference in the world not just building a profitable company.

Unlike many brands, it’s not just a…

What does “population, subpopulation, and rare” really mean in conservation?

A Short Guide to Conservation Words is exactly that. A simple guide to conservation and ecology words often used. Some terms are easy to understand, while others are the complete opposite. …

4 things I learned this week.

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1 — Schedule Marathons in Your Year Plan

This week I saw a short video by Brendon Burchard on productivity. (This one here) The part of the video that caught my attention the most was when he said to schedule “marathons” in your life.

He’s not saying we all need to start…

No Leadership = No Impact = No Change

I learned a lot on GrowthDay last month about leadership. Leadership is a skill that is constantly worked on because every new project, connection, and goal requires different leadership abilities and talents.

In his training on leadership, Brendon Burchard challenged us to make a list of what our 5 Leadership…

Rebecca Scott

I’m a conservation enthusiast, self-education addict, keep it simple activist, and a Canadian East Coast girl just trying to earn my CrazyAunt Mug

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