Habit #7: Set Boundaries.

Rebecca Scott
6 min readAug 10, 2022

52 Habits to Change My Life

A few weeks ago, I wrote about learning for 45-minutes every day (Habit #2) and making lists to remember my ultimate goal and promises (Habit #3). Those both have one thing in common — boundaries.

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Boundaries are all around us. They are the time limits, your debit and credit limits, speed limits, rules, etc.

How many boundaries have you set in your life that are up to you to find the discipline to maintain?

Like budgets, activities you do daily and weekly, things you refuse to allow yourself to do, time limits on watching TV, honouring your promises to others, setting a morning routine for yourself and sticking to it, and many more.

Maybe you have a lot of boundaries in your life that you stick to. Maybe you’re where I am and still trying to determine what works and what to cut out. Or you’re where I was not too long ago with no or very few boundaries.

Whichever of the three groups you fall into remember boundaries are vital and powerful. They can protect us from things that will not benefit our lives and can be used to continue to grow things that will improve our lives.

Some boundaries can change with time like budgets. While others stay put permanently like respect.

I have 3 groups of boundaries in my life: personal, budget, and limits. There is some overlap in them yet they are distinct at the same time.

Personal Boundaries

Personal boundaries are simply behaviours and habits that I am okay with and want vs those that I do not want in my life. They are rules I create about my own behaviour and habits. Not rules others have set for me. I need to respect the boundaries of others yet I also need to set limits so I can move toward my goals and desires.

Personal boundaries are difficult to set because I am the one who has to follow them and explain them to others in a way that gives them the choice to respect them or understand I will not be able to help them if they choose not to respect my decision.

“What will I allow and will not allow” boundaries.

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