Habit #6: Fail.

52 Habits To Change My Life

Rebecca Scott
4 min readAug 4, 2022
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I case you’ve noticed. I missed writing a post for 52 Habits last week and this week the post is a day late (Thursday). That was because life caught up to me for a while causing my writing took a sideline seat.

I had busy couple weeks with both work and starting to pursue two new projects. Those projects will both help me to move towards what my long-term goals are for my life.

Yes. I missed my goal of writing a post on the habits I am building into my life for 52 weeks in a row. And I expect I will miss more. All missing means to me is that it will take me 53 or 56 weeks to actually finish this series.

I’m not going to give up or allow myself to get upset about missing. I’m just going to keep moving forward. Why? Because life happens and I am going to fail many more times on my way to my long-term goals.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

You are going to make mistakes. You are going to mess up. Your going to miss a session. Learn the lessons and keep going. Yes, I missed a week writing. I’m not going to waste time and mental energy beating myself up over it.

Next time I know I have a busy week coming up. I can take time to get ahead on activities that I know likely will not happen.

I have goals that are huge and require me to learn a lot. If I can’t get passed making a mistake of forgetting to prepare than I will have a lot of issues handling the bigger fails I will go through.

Do A Bit Of Everything and Watch Where You Lead Yourself To

I am working on four big goals currently. All four are of equal priority and impact to me. Because all of them are going to help me change my life into the direction of my long-term goals.

With four goals at once, I will fail and I will grow in being disciplined to work on them and learning to adapt and rebound quickly.

Why am I pursuing four goals at once?

Not just because they will help me build the long-term goal of success and prosperity. But because I am following lots of different ideas at once to see where I will end up. I am building skills that will help me to move far away from the victim mentality to a leader and change-maker mentality.

What does learning French, writing 3 posts weekly, gaining Salesforce Administrator certification, and learning to brew beer and mead have in common. A lot to learn and a lot of time to commit. But above all a commitment to change my life.

If my efforts to learn the Salesforce platform lead me to a job in that field. Then great and the skills I have learned in other areas will support it.

If my efforts to learn to brew lead me to building my dream of opening a brewing and meadery. Then great and the skills I have learned in other areas will support it.

If something else happens then great and the skills I have learned in other areas will support it.

Above all my goal is to change my life. And only I am capable of doing that.

Commit to Failing

When you commit to learning something. You are also committing to failing.

Learning to fail is a habit to have, so you can learn to rebound and keep moving. If you give up at the first obstacle that is probably the size of a pebble then you will always feel stuck.

If you are not sure if you should keep pursuing something, maybe ask yourself this one question:

Is failing the way to success in this thing going to be true to you?

If learning that thing going to move you towards your ultimate dreams? If yes then dust yourself off and stay committed.

One slip-up is no reason to give up.

52 Habits To Change My Life:

#1 Make Your Bed
#2 Learn for 45-Minutes Everyday
#3 Make The List
#4 Stop Hiding Start Communicating
#5 What’s the Emotion
#6 Fail.
52 Habits To Change My Life (Why I am Doing This)

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