Habit #30: Dare to Dream.

Rebecca Scott
4 min readOct 4, 2023

52 Habits to Change My Life

For years I did something and now I am still struggling with acting like I am worthy and deserving.

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I wouldn’t let myself dream.

Because if I dreamed it wouldn’t happen. If I dreamed about a big trip to the Yukon (Canada). It wouldn’t happen. If I dreamed about who I would go out with and friends. I would’t have friends. If I dreamed about my future house, family, husband and our goals. None of that would happen.

None of that has happened even without dreaming.

Dreams are the inspiration and fuel to do the work to bring your dream to reality.

Without dreaming you float from one day to the next never feeling fulfilled. You try to gain fulfillment through others who have what you want and helping others achieve their dreams. Yet it’s never enough.

Keep it Quiet?

Should you keep your dreams to yourself?

I am not sure.

There seems to be people firmly in both camps. Some say keep it to yourself. Others say to share it.

Maybe it depends on the dream. Maybe it depeneds on who is around to support you.

I don’t have a clear answer to this. I think the best answer is to work on your dream everyday. If someone asks questions about what you are working on then tell them. If they support you great. If they think you’re crazy and going to fail. PLEASE PLEASE IGNORE THEM!

Keep working. Everyday. No matter if you have support or not. No matter if others know or not.

What About Multiple Dreams?

Start a distillery. Get to financial security. Own a maple surgaring opperation. Build a life I don’t need a vacation from. Renovate an old farm. Create woodworking projects that amaze others. Own multiple properties. Have 7 independent sources of income. Have time to spend with family.

You should have multiple dreams.

You can only work on one thing at a time. You need to work towards your dream everyday.

Every action compounds.

I know it will be years or decades before I see the distillery actually happening. But everything I am doing to is building towards it. Working towards financial security is one step. Getting another income source going is another. Working on projects where I can be creative and inspire myself is the biggest step.

A obstacle of mine towards my dreams is that I try to work on too many at once. We need mulitple dreams. Yet to gain mommentum faster I am putting most of my time into getting one dream accomplished. The lessons and experience from accomplishing that dream will expediate the time to accomplish the next.

All lessons and experience compound. One dream will support another.

Do Something Everyday Towards It

It’s no longer a big dream of mine but at one point I really wanted to go hiking the Yukon.

I could have done it if I had of allowed myself to dream. And had taken time to plan and save for it. Yet I forgot about it. Because I wouldn’t give myself permission to dream.

Everyday do something towards your dream.

It could be intentionally putting money into an account just for that dream. It could be running 5 more minutes than yesterday. It could be researching more. It could be anything. JUST DO SOMETHING.

If you don’t do something towards your dream then you’ll forget about it.

Dare to Dream

Dream for you and live for you.

Don’t keep living the dreams of others.



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