Habit #9 Pick One Superpower To Rule Them All

52 Habits to Change My Life

Rebecca Scott
5 min readAug 24, 2022

We are all superheros in our own ways.

We might not wear capes, fly, or have a batcave with an endless supply of equipment, but we are all have superpowers.

Some of us have great control over our powers because we have recognized and developed one or several.

Some of your easiest superpowers to identify are your gifts, talents, and interests. They are the things you can do easily while others think are impossible.

Superpowers are also skills like clarity, focus, and patience. These are the superpowers I’m going to write about here. Not that your gifts are any less important.

Think about it how often are you learning about your favorite topic for the sake of learning? Where you randomly or infrequently learn. Most topics are endless. For as long we have an interest in them we'll always have something to learn.

Clarity vs Focus vs Patience

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If you have ever followed Brendon Burchard for a while, you’ll notice he talks about clarity a lot. Clarity is knowing where you are going, why, and how you're going to get there (or at least your next five big moves).

Clarity is a superpower because you know what your next move is and you know what your destination is. You might even know of what obstacles to expect and have a plan to deal with them.

Yet, clarity is not just for your goals.

  • It’s for yourself — who do you want to become?
  • It’s for your skillset — what do you want (or have) to learn?
  • It’s for your social life — who do you want to be known as?
  • It’s for relationships — how do you want to keep building your relationships?
  • It’s for your service to others — how can you improve the lives of others?

Having clarity with your goals and all areas of your life is like having a map. You know where you are. And you know where you want to go. All you have to do is to find the best way for you to get to your next destination.

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A few months ago I wrote a post about how the lies you tell yourself better be good. They need to be.

Because you are what think more than what you eat. What you tell yourself is going to influence what you focus on. And what you focus on is going to influence what you do, see, think, feel, behave, and show up.

Focus takes commitment to one. That “one” can be: a certain method, a goal, or a skill to master.

How refined you make your focus is up to you. You can stick to learning to be a great baker. Or you can choose that you are going to be the greatest at baking pretzels. In one option you can learn to bake almost anything you want. The other you are only allowing yourself to bake pretzels.

The hardest part is that you have to keep going on your one path even when it gets difficult from obstacles and through the plateaus of no progress. The grass might look greener just a few feet away during these times. But sticking to your one focus will eventually give rewards that you deserve.

Once you have mastered your topic of focus then you can start to focus on your next topic you want to conquer.

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Patience is superpower. And it’s becoming a rarer to have in an age with instant communication and answers.

Just like clarity and focus, patience takes commitment too.

You have to okay with putting in the work, many times day after day after day before you start to see results. We all want to earn the bigger paycheque today. But don’t want to do the work to earn it. We all want to have healthier and stronger bodies today. But don’t realize the effort and time it takes to do so.

True lasting change and improvements are going to take time.

There are no overnight successes. Only commitments to putting in the work everyday especially when no one is watching.

My Future Is My Focus

For the last several years I’ve had a saying in my life:

Let the dirt do its work

It was a time when I was working through a lot of pain and mental health crises. Let the dirt do its work was a reminder to myself to have patience and keep going because the “dirt” I was dealing with was eventually going to bring me to a better place. Without knowing it I was building my superpower of patience. Fighting through the difficult and good days to find the place where I am today.

As of know my saying is:

My future is my focus.

We all need multiple goals, dreams, and desires in our lives. I’ve found myself at a crossroads where I have too many. I have to choose a few focus until I master them. Then I can bring my next goals into my life.

That is why my focus in my on my future. I have started to limit myself to only working on skills I know that if I put the effort into them now there will be great rewards for me later.

Maybe in a few years, I will sunset My Future Is My Focus and bring in a saying about clarity.

As of right now only I can build my future. For me to build my future I have to focus on it by building the skills I will need for my goals, dreams and desires.

What’s your superpower to rule them all?

52 Habits To Change My Life:

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#3 Make The List
#4 Stop Hiding Start Communicating
#5 What’s the Emotion
#6 Fail.
#7 Set Boundaries
#8 Learn To Say Yes To You
#9 Pick One Superpower To Rule Them All
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